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How To Move A Piano

Do you have a piano in the home or other location that you are looking to move, approach a removal expert when handling such items. We have a team of specialists that move large and vulnerable objects. Our team of professionals use custom made crates and other high quality packaging materials in order to move and store your goods. Speak with one of the team at Anytime Removals in London today.

[caption id="attachment_21" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Looking for a professional piano mover Looking for a professional piano mover[/caption]

Hire the Professionals

The obvious answer is to get in the experts that is someone who knows what they are doing. Typically this will be a team that have carried out this type of work many times before. Pianos weigh a lot so it really is worth leaving it to removal specialists that know how to lift a piano and move it without causing damage to the piano or injury to themselves.

How to Move a Piano in London

Despite how heavy and sturdy a piano may seem, they are actually very delicate instruments. Pianos need to be protected with packaging materials, down to each individual pedal. Buy it’s not enough to simply protect the outside of the piano. If there is significant movement and contact with objects whilst moving a piano it can cause damage to the strings and felt hammers inside of the piano.

How You Should Prepare Your Piano for Moving

We really don’t suggest that you try and move the piano by yourself, even if it is on wheels. The wheels are only designed to help you move a piano into position within a room or so, not move from another room in the house. Close and lock the lid of your piano to prevent the lid from opening and exposing the keys during the moving process. Next, we suggest wrapping your piano in furniture blankets in order to protect it from any potential dents and scratches during the moving process. If you don’t have these, our removal specialists will be able to provide them.

Storing a Piano

If you require storage for your piano, there are some options to consider. Due to how the strings are made and so on they do need to be kept at a constant and stable temperature and mainly humidity level in order to maintain their condition. They should always be stored out of direct sunlight, fireplaces, vents, windows and outside walls. Changes in humidity and also temperature can cause your piano to swell and shrink, thus affecting the sound. Your piano should also be stored on a level surface and free from any dust.

Calling in The Piano Tuner

If your piano has recently been moved or has been in storage for some time, often it will need to be tuned as some of the stings may have loosened over time.

Find a Removals Expert

  1. Simply search on Google and see what companies come up. Opt for one that has plenty of reviews and specifically about moving a piano.
  2. It is definitely worth checking the company that you choose about their experience moving pianos and if they have protective packaging for it.
  3. Ask about insurance cover and any excess that may be payable – this should be stated in their terms and conditions.
  4. Check if they provide door to door pickup and delivery
  5. Check if your piano needs to be in a climate controlled environment whilst moving

Piano moves are easy if you prepare for them. Preparation can save you time and money and also trouble when it comes to moving your beloved piano. A piano is usually and investment and therefore moving it should be done with care. Hire professional piano movers today (consider a white glove moving company). Pianos are delicate instruments and attempting to move a piano yourself can potentially lead to damage of your piano, house or even injury. Piano movers will usually have years of experience that makes a huge difference when it comes to moving a piano efficiently and also safely without damage or harm.

Work Clothes – What To Avoid In The Office?

While it is worth knowing how to dress in an office, it is also equally important to know what you should be avoiding regarding work clothes. Knowing what not to do will help you to avoid any fashion screw ups, and ensures that you’ll look the best. To help with that, we’re taking a look at what you should avoid regarding clothing you’d wear to the office.

For the women

Ladies. There are a few things that you should avoid when it comes to office fashions. If it is too short in the leg area, or it just reveals too much of a body part, then it should not be worn in the office environment. You want to maintain a sense of dignity and professionalism, and flaunting anything is not the way to do it. As well as this, sleeveless blouses or ones which are low cut should also be avoided like the plague. Open toed shoes or those with extremely high heels are also a no go when it comes to the office, as is footwear which is overly casual, so trainers are usually not an option. When in doubt, keep it neutral and professional, and try to avoid deep colourations or styles.

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For the men

Gentlemen, there are also some things that you should avoid when it comes to working clothes in the office. You should stay away from short sleeved t-shirts and ties wherever possible, and also casual pants, as they’re just not suitable for the office environment. If possible, avoid leather shoes if they’re casual, because it is just not a professional look at all. As well as this, you should stay well away from crinkled clothing or clothing which has not been pressed and ironed before you’re wearing it. It just ruins the image of professionalism that you’ll want to create and can work against you when it comes to creating a good appearance. As well as this, white socks should also be kept firmly away from the office. It may well be a small detail, but it just isn’t a good look for a professional male.

Overall, these are a few looks that you should avoid when you’re going for clothing which you’re going to be wearing in the office. We all want to look professional in our jobs. We all want to be taken seriously, and we all want to feel like we’re making a difference to our workplace and that we’re commanding respect. Therefore, looking the part is an essential part of making sure that you do create the right image for when you’re in the workplace. As a rule of thumb, both men and women should avoid bright colours and over the top styles when looking at officewear, as they’re often distracting and just not needed. If you stick to what is accepted and then work to make it your own, you’ll have officewear which makes you seem professional but is also comfortable and unique enough that you take pride in it.